The Crew

The ‘Crew’ of the USS Reval are people who enjoy science fiction, fantasy, and real science topics. The interests of the crew span the entire genre of sci-fi/fantasy and include fans of Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Battlestar: Galactica, Firefly, and several more.

The crew enjoys movies, books, anime, collectables, costumes, and toys that are about science fiction, fact, and fantasy.

It is a very open and international crew with members from several different countries such as Estonia, Russia, Finland, Italy, Iceland, and the United States.

To be an ‘official’ member of the crew, membership in STARFLEET INTERNATIONAL ( is necessary but it is not required to be in STARFLEET to attend the ship’s meetings and events.

The crew of the USS Reval accepts anyone who wants to enjoy and share their appreciation for science fiction and fantasy in a fun, friendly, and welcoming environment.

So come to a meeting, greet the crew, and be Welcome Aboard the USS Reval!