The Ship


The USS Reval is a science fiction fan club based in Tallinn, Estonia. It is an official chapter of STARFLEET INTERNATIONAL (, the world’s largest science fiction fan club with over 4000 members and over 200 chapters around the globe.

The USS Reval holds a monthly meeting where the ‘crew’ of the ship gathers to enjoy each other’s company and common love of science fiction, science fact, and fantasy. Please visit ‘The Crew’ page for more information about our interests and the ‘Activities’ page to see when we hold our regular ship’s meetings.

Various events also take place during the year such as special movie showings, lasertag games, overnight camping, weekend cookouts, museum visits, interesting field trips, and other activities centered around sci-fi and fantasy. The ship’s events are marked on the calendar and are listed on the ‘Activities’ page. Please check it regularly for updates.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

And remember, our ship’s motto is:

Sõprus läbi Ulme
(Friendship Through Science Fiction)