The USS REVAL is a group of sci-fi fans located in Tallinn, Estonia and other parts of Europe.

Please look at ‘The Ship’ page to see what we are about, ‘The Crew’ page to see our interests and the ‘Activities’ page for lists of what fun things we have done and what is coming up in the future. Welcome Aboard the USS REVAL!

The USS Reval holds a regularly scheduled meeting every month. The ship’s monthly meeting is on the third Tuesday of every month. Please see below for information concerning next monthly meeting and upcoming events.

The calendar on ‘The Ship’ page also shows when activities are being held.

Up Coming Events

USS Reval hosts StarTrek:Beyond special event in IMAX 21.07 @ 20.00




Past Events



USS Reval All-Hands at Pudel bar, 15.03.2016 @ 19.00


USS Reval’s 1 year Anniversary, 12.04 @ 19.30


USS Reval All-Hands at Pudel bar, 16.02.2016 @ 19.00


USS Reval All-Hands at Pudel bar, 19.01.2016 @ 19.00


18 December
STAR WARS: The Force Awakens Premiere Party



Tuesday, 17 November, 2015
Pudel Baar
Telliskivi 60A
Tallinn Estonia

21 October
Welcome to the Future, Marty, Party

27 September
Phaser Practice at the Laser Tag Game Place

15 August
Away mission- Rapla

28 July
Summer Session

27 June
June event –Spy movie
16 June
Skype meeting (international conference video call)

28 May
Meeting over Skype

12 April
Commissioning Ceremony of the USS REVAL

03 March
USS Reval spying on ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’

25 February
February Final Finagling
10 February
‘Jupiter Ascending’ Movie Madness

14 January
First Fete of ’15 (meeting and party)


21 December
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (movie event)
13 December
Monthly meeting at Astro

22 November
Monthly Movie and Meeting in November

15 October
October Sh!tz and Giggles (comedy club event)

17 September
September Snacks in a Saucer (restaurant meeting)

27 August
SFI Members Administration Meeting
23 August
Who’s Coming? (Doctor Who season premiere)
03 August
Guardians of the Galaxy (movie event at special theatre)

24 July
July time to Monkey Around (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie event)

29 June
June Meeting (Winter is Coming..)

20 May
Meeting of the Force

27 April
April Meeting and Grilling (cookout)


19 February
February Meeting

15 January
Valk monthly meeting (shuttle meeting)


The USS Reval is a science fiction fan club based in Tallinn, Estonia. It is an official chapter of STARFLEET INTERNATIONAL (, the world’s largest science fiction fan club with over 4000 members and over 200 chapters around the globe.

The USS Reval holds a monthly meeting where the ‘crew’ of the ship gathers to enjoy each other’s company and common love of science fiction, science fact, and fantasy. Please visit ‘The Crew’ page for more information about our interests and the ‘Activities’ page to see when we hold our regular ship’s meetings.

Various events also take place during the year such as special movie showings, lasertag games, overnight camping, weekend cookouts, museum visits, interesting field trips, and other activities centered around sci-fi and fantasy. The ship’s events are marked on the calendar and are listed on the ‘Activities’ page. Please check it regularly for updates.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

And remember, our ship’s motto is:

Sõprus läbi Ulme
(Friendship Through Science Fiction)

The ‘Crew’ of the USS Reval are people who enjoy science fiction, fantasy, and real science topics. The interests of the crew span the entire genre of sci-fi/fantasy and include fans of Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Battlestar: Galactica, Firefly, and several more.

The crew enjoys movies, books, anime, collectables, costumes, and toys that are about science fiction, fact, and fantasy.

It is a very open and international crew with members from several different countries such as Estonia, Russia, Finland, Italy, Iceland, and the United States.

To be an ‘official’ member of the crew, membership in STARFLEET INTERNATIONAL ( is necessary but it is not required to be in STARFLEET to attend the ship’s meetings and events.

The crew of the USS Reval accepts anyone who wants to enjoy and share their appreciation for science fiction and fantasy in a fun, friendly, and welcoming environment.

So come to a meeting, greet the crew, and be Welcome Aboard the USS Reval!